What is Microblading?

New session: £183 
(no previous Microblading)
+ £67 top up after 4 weeks.
+ £97 top up after 6-8 weeks. 
+ £183 top up after 18 weeks. 
+ £183 top up after 12 months 
>> Correction work by us within 3 days FREE.
>> Between 3 days - 4 weeks £27 to cover cost of materials.

Fine incisions into a skin implanting pigmentation. Microblading isn't not done into the 4th layer of skin (unlike tattoo) hence only a semi-permanent result of 1-2 years, depending on a skin type, lifestyle and aftercare of a client.
You do not need any brow hairs for the treatment. This treatment is carried on your skin in the brow area. Therefore, it is suitable for people with little brow hairs or someone who has alopecia condition.
Microblading technician creates a desired brow shape which is discussed in a consultation. 16 different colour shades available to choose from, suiting every skin colour and clients preference.

• What will the treatment involve? 
Consultation is desired prior to the treatment. That way we can ensure we will be able to meet your needs and you do not have any contra-indications to the treatment. 
On the day of the treatment we will discuss your desired shape and colour of brows. Then map out the area of Microblading which will look like an outline around your potential brow area. Once the client has confirmed they are happy with the 'mapping' we will apply numbing cream. Whilst numbing cream is 'settling in' that will allow clients to triple check their outline shape and make any corrections if necessary. 
Actual treatment of planting in pigmentation takes around 30 minutes, during which the client must remain still.  

• Is it painful? 
Pain is compared to forehead botox injection, waxing a bikini line or a tattoo on an area which has a thick layer of underskin fat. Numbing cream will be used, however being humans we all react differently to pain and effects of numbing cream, therefore pain will vary depending on your pain threshold. 
However, it is a treatment that needs to be done only once every 1-2 years, and for the effect of wonderful brows it is worth it. :) 
• Do I need Microblading? 
Fed up with drawing brows on every morning? 
Overplucked brows and you desire a thicker shape?
Very fine brows hairs, and brow tinting doesnt quite do the job?
Very blonde brow hairs and looking to have them darker?
Sudden hair loss due to hormonal changes, medication, menopause etc. (Please note, this treatment is not suitable for a client who is undergoing cancer treatment, or had it done in the last 6 months).
Scarring in the brow area? Microblading over scarring is possible, however we will need to examine the scar before confirming we can help you. 

• Pre-treatment care and aftercare:
Treatment isn't suitable for someone who had an invasive facial, chemical peel, botox/ filler or acne treatment within the last 4 week. 
Treatment isn't suitable for someone who is undergoing cancer treatment, or had the treatment in the last 6 months. 
Scarring needs to be assessed, as it depends on a type of scar. (Strictly no treatment on keloid scars)
We do not take anyone under age of 18 for the treatment. 
On the day do not wear any makeup. 
48 hours prior and after do not drink alcohol, smoke, or drug use. Avoid coffee and aspirin. 

Aftercare: Strictly no sauna, exercise, swimming pool, humid environment,facials, botox, fillers within 4 weeks after the treatment. 
No picking of scabs, no touching the area of the treatment, no itching, no make up until scabs are fully healed. 


Why did my Microblading fade away within 12 months?
The Most common reason is oily skin, regular exposure to the sun (sunbeds), brow tinting, chemical peels, regular facials. 

Why did my treatment last better last time? 
We are human bodies, our hormones change which can affect the pigmentation acceptance by our body.  

Microblading Correction

C). Microblading Correction work from another artist £183-£250

We need to establish what it is you didn't like about your previous Microblading treatment. 
We need to establish what we can do to help to amend it. 
We need to see all pros and cons of the treatment, and see if the amendment will do any good, or just creating a layer over layer can give too much of a fake brow look. 

Please note, we are unable to erase/remove previous Microblading. We are unable to remove old colour or make it change the shade. 
What we can do is go over with a new shape, amend the shape, add extra hair stroke, use different colour shades which will overpower your last previous one.
A consultation is required to ensure we can help you. 
Price depends on a work difficulty and timing it will take. 

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