Anti-wrinkle treatment (Botox)

Anti-wrinkle treatment (Botox)

• 50 botox Units£140
• 100 Botox Units = £180
• 150 Botox Units = £220
• 200 Botox Units = £260 
(Usually enough for 1 area)
For deeper wrinkles or 2+ areas, we suggest 100-150botox units.

Areas for botox
>> Forehead (softening of horizontal lines)
>> Frown Lines (Glabellar area)
>> Brow Lift
>> Crows Feet (smoothing wrinkles in an eye area)

A consent letter from a GP is a must. Please come to your consultation with it. Letter is valid for 12months. Which means for 12 months you can have botox without another visit to a GP. 

• Pretreatment: 
- Consent letter from your GP. No treatment will go ahead without a prescription to botox which lasts 12 months.
- Please avoid alcohol, aspirin, coffee, high sugar food and drink 48h prior to the treatment.

• Aftercare:
- No laying flat 4 hours after the treatment.
- No rubbing the area for 12 hours after the treatment.
- No make up for 24h hours after the treatment
- No alcohol, sports, flying 3 days after the treatment
- No dental treatments, aesthetic procedures, invasive treatments, sun exposure, extreme temperatures for 14 days after the treatment. 
• Side effects:
Headache up to 2 weeks, bleeding, swelling. 


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