Dermal Filler

Juvederm 0.5ml - £167
Princess 1ml - £147
Neauvia 1ml - £187
Juvederm 1ml - £228

a.) Marionette/ Smokers Lines/ Laugh Lines/ Nasolabial Folds/ On average 1ml-5ml needed to enhance the area. Once every 6-11months)
b.) Lip Enhancement (0.5-1ml per treatment, on average, once every 12 months)
c.) Chin Augmentation (2ml-5 ml recommended)
d.) Cheek Enhancement (1-5ml recommended)
e.) Nose Reshape (2-4ml recommended)

• My skin is good, do I need fillers?
Filler plumps up lost volume. By age of 25, we lose 5% of our face volume. By age of 40, we lose 30% of our volume. 
Study shows women who used filler/botox from 25-30, have noticeable less deeper wrinkles later in life. This is due to a fact that skin isn't over worked, and hasn't got a chance to dig deep by doing every day face movements. 

• How does the filler work?
Your skin loses collagen, natural lines and wrinkles deepen from a every day life: smiling, talking, sun exposure, smoking, air pollution, stress, sudden weight loss. Fillers pumps up areas where wrinkles appeared giving you fresher looking skin and youthful appearance.

• Whats the difference between fillers and their prices.
Different fillers are designed for specific areas due to the consistency of the filler. Also a brand name like Juviderm we have all heard of is preferred by clients, as it's a well marketed name.

• Are dermal fillers safe?
Fillers are based on hyaluronic acid, naturally occuring sugar in the body. Treatment is completed with an experienced aesthetic technician, following all the safety guidelines and procedures. 

• Do dermal injections hurt? 
Certain areas are more sensitive than others due to the nerves and skin thickness. 
If it's your first time having a treatment and you are worried about pain and not being able to handle it, we suggest that you start with cheek fillers, or forehead botox. 
We will be using numbing cream to numb the area of treatment for the most comfort of a procedure. 

Treatment lasts around 10-20 mins depending on the treatment area.

• What are side effects?
Swelling, bruising, redness is a regular side effect after the treatment. However, if you have any concerns contact us immediately. 

• Aftercare: 
Please do not apply makeup for 24 hours. 
Please do not touch the area, and try to move filler around. Also avoid laying down for the first 4 hours after the treatment. 
Do not drink anything too hot or cold for 24h hours.
Do not drink alcohol for 72 hours, as that can cause severe bruising. 
Do not use sauna, sunbed, gym/exercise for 72 hours after the treatment.

• How long will the effects last?
6months upto 18 months depending on the area treated, and your lifestyle. 
Fillers likes water therefore to keep results for longer drink at least 2 litres of water per day. 


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